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Need a Image Clipping Path Expert
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Hello Everyone!

How is going? I'm Shelley Morris student at Nevada University. Still now, I'm a student but I have a passion to be an entrepreneur for that reason I build up a fashion eCommerce website. 

The first time it was running well but after 6 months when selling ration going to improve then I got some problems especially I need a product photo editor. Still now, I'm trying to find out Photoshop expert but I can't reach out that person. After all I have found a clipping path company that provides all types of photo editing services. Here is the company website.

This is a big company and the costing price very tough to maintain for me. So I'm looking for a Photoshop user who works with me as a part-time worker. Is anyone there who helps me to get out of the problem.

Thanks in advanced


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Usuario Novato
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